Articles: Events & Meetings

Idealware articles, like those in our Few Good Tools series, give nonprofits concise, critical information on the software choices available for specific organizational functions and goals. We compare software options, offer real life examples and case studies, and give you the tools to make the right decision based on your specific needs.

Articles: Events & Meetings

  • By Laura S. Quinn and Kyle Henri Andrei,
    January 2015

    Updated January 2015

    Adding visuals to a phone conference can make a big difference in your audience’s engagement level. Sharing a document, software application, or slides helps your audience follow along more closely and get more information than they would just by listening. If you want to conduct a more formal online seminar—sometimes called a webinar—there are a number of affordable software packages that can help you communicate more effectively. We talked to five nonprofit professionals about the tools that have worked for them.

  • By Laura S. Quinn and Kyle Henri Andrei,
    August 2013

    Accepting payments by credit card is not necessarily difficult or expensive. In this article written for TechSoup--initially written in 2008 and updated in 2011 and again for 2013--we provide some tips and tools to process credit card transactions, both on- and offline, for organizations of all sizes.

  • By Laura S. Quinn,
    June 2013

    What are we really asking for when we require nonprofits to produce data on performance, effectiveness and impact? While the surface logic is clear—we need to know this information—the full context and set of assumptions surrounding the request bears closer examination. Idealware's founder and executive director, Laura Quinn, wrote the following article for the Markets For Good blog.

  • By Kyle Henri Andrei,
    August 2012

    Ticketing tools let you sell tickets, assign seating, and in many cases, track attendance at your organization’s events. What should you look for in a good ticketing tool, and how can it help your nonprofit?

  • By Laura S. Quinn and Kyle Andrei,
    July 2011

    These days, most event participants expect to be able to register for events online. Luckily, there are lots of tools to help with that, ranging from simple up to sophisticated and all the way to multi-functional. We asked a number of nonprofit technology professionals what online registration tools have worked for them.

  • By Laura S. Quinn and Kyle Henri Andrei,
    July 2011

    Planning a free event? It can be difficult to justify paying a lot of money for online registration software, but trying to get by with email or online invitation tools like Evite can leave you frustrated. Don’t worry—you have options. We talked to seven nonprofit technology experts about useful and affordable options for collecting RSVPs for free events.

  • By Laura S. Quinn,
    July 2011

    What tools can help you raise money and rally support for your cause through an online auction? We take a look at the software tools that are widely used in the nonprofit sector.     

  • By Gideon Rosenblatt, Former Groundwire Executive Director,
    November 2010

    What does it mean to "engage people"?  Gideon Rosenblatt talks through six different levels of engagement people can have with your organization, in an article reprinted from Groundwire.

  • By Colin Pizarek and Chris Bernard,
    October 2010

    eLearning modules -- multimedia modules that provide students information in an interactive, multimedia-rich way -- can be an interesting way to teach staff or constituents.  But how do you create them?  There's a whole class of software packages that help you create the core elements like text, graphics, narration, animation, and interactivity.  

  • By Laura S. Quinn,
    January 2009

    If you’re looking for software tools that can help your group collaborate, you’ll find a lot of options. There are many different types of solutions that support many different types of needs. This article compares your options.

  • By Eric Leland,
    December 2007

    Online integrated applications allow nonprofits to manage a number of different aspects of their constituent information and Web presence all together in one package. Eric Leland took a close look at eight packages to compare their functionality in a variety of areas.

Articles: Events & Meetings