New article: The True Costs of Free and Low-Cost Software

Another great article for January: The True Costs of Free and Low-Cost Software, written by the always smart and sensible Michelle Murrain. She walks through all the long-term costs associated with any piece of software, as a guide to thinking through whether that piece of software - perhaps one that's been offered pro-bono, came with your printer, or is free online for reasons that aren't quite clear to you - is a terrific deal or a black hole of staff, training, and long-term costs.


Thnaks for this outstanding

Thnaks for this outstanding discussion AND explanation of those hidden costs! Being in the business of selling fundraising software solutions, I'm constantly amazed how often folks give minimal attention to factors beyond just the cost of the software itself and tech support. We try to educate in every interaction because informed buyers beget happier users. Just the same, I will be sending interested folks to your article for the "big picture" of conversion.

Thanks for sharing!