Resource Roundup 7/20

Google Analytics Help: Questions, Answers, Tips, Ideas, Suggestions (Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik)
Avinash Kauskik, by way of NTEN, answers a whole slew of great questions from NTEN members about Google Analytics.

Planning Education Projects in Rural Ethiopia Using GIS (ArcGIS)
Useful case study on the IRC's use of GIS tools to plan school sites in Ethiopia (tip of the hat to Allan Benamer).

Blackbaud to Integrate Raisers Edge and Sphere
(Non-Profit Tech Blog)
Blackbaud announces that they intend to integrate Raisers Edge and Kintera Sphere before the end of 2008.

Google Trends Reveals Which Tech Trends Are Hot Or Not (Small Business Computing)
Google Trends allows you to compare the number of searches for commonly used keywords - interesting for judging the popularity of concepts or particular terminology.

New Firefox Version: Nice New Features (Beaconfire Wire)
A nice overview of what's new (and what's missing) from the new version of Firefox.

You’ve Got a Friend in Barack Obama: Integrating Social Networking Tools into Political Campaigns (ePolitics)
An interesting case study as to how the Barak Obama campaign is using social networking, with some lessons extracted for the rest of us.

Tips for Standardizing Your IT Infrastructure (TechSoup)
A nice overview of how and when to standardize your hardware and software across your organization.

The MaintainIT Project (TechSoup)
A resource rich site that provides information about technology for libraries.

Linux desktops? (Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology)
Some very useful thoughts from Michelle Murrain on when it makes sense to use Linux operating systems - and when it doesn't.