Annonucing the 2010 Comparing Open Source CMS Report!

It's been many months of looking at, talking about, and even dreaming of content management systems, but it's now here:  we've completed our 2010 open source CMS comparison and are excited to announce the release of our fully updated Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Plone Report!

The report is fully revised for December 2010!  We've taken our popular 2009 report comparing four free and open source systems -- WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Plone -- that can help you to build and manage a website, and completely updated it to the newest versions of the systems. We provide both a feature summary and detailed reviews, as well as a directory of consultants. Many thanks to the report Lead Sponsors would made this report possible: Balance Interactive, Phase2 Technology, PICnet and Trellon!

Which are easiest to use? Which provide the most flexibility in setting up your website? Which provide the strongest features for website community features, workflow, or ease of maintenance? This 82-page reportanswers these questions and many, many more!

The report also includes our new directory of consultants and designers who help nonprofits implement these Content Management Systems.

Download the report today (with free registration):


Critique of Accessibility Framework

I do like that this report is out there and glad that accessibility is being considered this year (I believe for the first time), but I do have serious reservations about the framework used to evaluate it.

As one of many people who has worked very hard over the last two years to enhance the accessibility of Drupal 7, I felt called to provide the following critique of this section of the report.

I plan on continuing to be a sponsor of this report and also commit to working with the committee to build a better framework for 2011.

Non-profits should also consider hosted CMS options

I think it's important that non-profit organizations also consider hosted CMS alternatives, such as Webvanta, LightCMS, SquareSpace, etc.

Open-source software seems free at first, but unless you have volunteers doing all the work, they often end up being more expensive than supported, commercial products. Hosted content management systems also eliminate all the technical hassles of maintaining the software, dealing with upgrades, backups, security, and so forth.