Introducing the Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide!

 After almost a year of preparation, and six months of research, it’s finally here!  We're thrilled to announce Idealware’s free Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide.  This guide walks you through a step-by-step process to decide what social media channels make sense for your organization via a workbook, guide, and the results of our research.  And through the included Consultant Directory, you can find a professional to help define and implement your strategy.

Created in partnership with the New Organizing Institute, and with the support of Trellon, The Decision Guide focuses on the tangible results that nonprofits are seeing from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Photo Sharing Sites, Video Sharing Sites, and other social media channels, and helps you to decide how they fit within your own communication mix.  
And if you feel we haven't been holding up our end of our own social media channels, you can blame the Decision Guide.  Now that that's out into the world, we can breathe a sigh of relief... and getting back to our own regular blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, et at.
Talk a look at  the Decision Guide (free registration required) for yourself!



Hi there,

Excellent report, kudos to Idealware. I'm, however, surprised about two things.

1) Social publishing, like Scribd, are not mentioned in the study. Nonprofits with plenty of publications would find such platforms very useful is a good example.

2) You suggest (on page 39) that uploading to photo and video sites are not time sensitive. I disagree. Nonprofits should instead try to upload media following the news. If you uploaded photos taken in Haiti in January 2010, they generated lots of interest. Read Timo Luege's excellent article at

Best regards /Isaac Griberg