May 2008

Blackbaud Acquires Kintera

Wow! I've been a bad blogger of late, but this is too big to miss: Blackbaud, maker of software like Raisers Edge and Financial Edge, has acquired Kintera.

In the press release, Marc Chardon, Blackbaud's President and Chief Executive Officer, says:

Our core capabilities are complementary and we expect to continue to offer a full range of solutions that effectively meet nonprofits’ needs for donor acquisition and cultivation that are intergrated with our suite of CRM solutions, including The Raiser’s Edge®. Kintera’s “Friends Asking Friends®” team fundraising and advocacy solutions are well suited for organizations that use these programs to grow their base of supporters. Similarly, Blackbaud’s NetCommunity™ offering is ideally suited for enriching the online experience of current donors enhancing the value of data that already exists in the CRM system.

"We are also pleased to offer new options to Kintera’s accounting and wealth data customers. P!N™ has been innovative in coupling traditional wealth screening services with online offerings and we are excited about the potential of combining these offerings with Target Analytics’ current product portfolio. Likewise, Fundware® has long met the fund accounting needs of many nonprofits and we expect to work closely with Kintera and their partners to enhance the range of solutions available to this important set of customers. Combining these solutions with Blackbaud’s current offerings will allow us to continue to grow these important segments of our business.”

This acquisition is likely to have a substantial impact on nonprofit options in the long run. Blackbaud has traditionally been weak in the online area, so Kintera's strength in that area will be complementary. But they also have a number of products that were competing - for instance, it's hard to imagine a long term strategy that has a place for both Fundware and FinancialEdge (both accounting systems for medium sized and large organizations), and P!N and Target Analytics are currently the two most prominent options in wealth screening.

However, Kintera was in a pretty unstable place, so at least this shores up their products for the short term...

New articles: GIS, and online PM tool case studies

Can I make up for weeks of not blogging by posting two post in a row? How about with two new articles?

We've got some great new stuff up. Our next installment in our Few Good Tools series is A Few Good Mapping and GIS Tools - covering everything from simple Google Maps up to complex GIS tools like ArcGIS... and when you'd want which. Eric Leland's taking on some of these articles these days, and he does a great job with this one!

And in Online Project Management Software in the Real World, Michelle Murrain and I take a look at three different case studies. How are real nonprofits using tools like Basecamp, Central Desktop, and Trac? We can tell you.

Resource Roundup 5/12

Ack, it's been awhile! But others have continued to write great stuff, while I've been away - here's some of the great stuff that's come out.

Google Apps and Salesforce - A first look (A View from Judi Sohn)
Google Apps and Salesforce roll out some integrated features - Judi Sohn takes a look at what that means

eNonprofit Benchmarks Study (E-Benchmarks)
The hugely useful Benchmark Study from last year is now updated with a new version. Want to know how your eNewsletter click rate compares to other nonprofits? Your online donation rate? Donation amount? This report will tell you.

10,000 Emails a Month Free to Nonprofits (VerticalResponse)
Okay, this is a pretty amazing deal from a quite solid bulk emailing tool: all nonprofits can send 10,000 emails per month for free.

Nonprofit Internet Toolkit and Resources (
A great collection of articles and resources about websites, collaboration and communication tools, and more

Mission Over Membership in Online Advocacy (NTEN)
Charles Lenchner provides an interesting and provocative look at the conflict between list building and engaging your members with actions that truly forward your mission.

Has Facebook Jumped the Shark as a Political Tool? (e.politics)
A careful look at the place of Facebook in politics and advocacy

What Goes Into the Cost of a CRM (Nonprofit CRM)
How much does implementing a CRM cost? Well, it depends, but Anand Sethupathy breaks down the many different elements that go into that cost.

Using Social Media to Help with Outreach (NTEN)
Brian Reich from EchoDitto provides some useful thoughts and case studies as to how social media - things like viral videos and interactive websites - can help you reach a wider audience.