The 2013 Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits


How do you choose software for your nonprofit? With so many different types of software on the market, it’s difficult to even know what’s available, let alone what’s best for your organization’s particular needs. That’s why we created the Idealware Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits, a handy reference that covers all the different types of software that might be useful to you—and we just updated it for 2013.

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This edition, our fourth, covers more than 75 types of software, from association management to wikis and everything in between. We tell you what’s available, what it can do for you, how you might use it, who the most common vendors are, and what you can expect to pay. This year we added a section to help you navigate the daunting process of selecting and implementing software, including hiring consultants, evaluating contracts, and conducting vendor demos. Dig in now to find the right software for your needs, and to begin making it work for your organization.

Purchase the 198-page paperback book directly through Idealware or through Amazon for $19.95.Buy the book now. Interested in distributing the Field Guide to a group of nonprofits, like your members, grantees or affiliates? It’s available for licensing and customization for very attractive rates. View more info about group licensing.

What’s included? All the types of software that can help you with your fundraising, communications, collaboration, constituent management and back office processes.

Back Office and Productivity
Accounting Systems 
Credit Card Processing 
Data Backup 
Digital Asset Management 
Document Management 
Email and Calendar 
HR and Office Management 
Multimedia Editing
Page Layout
Photo Editing
Point Of Sales Systems
Virus Protection

Listening and Measuring
Measuring Social Media
Online Listening
Online Surveys
Program Evaluation
Web Analytics

Board Support Software
Collaborative Documents
File Sharing
Intranets and Portals
Online Chat
Online Conferencing
Project Management
Screenshots and 

Constituent Management
Association Management 
Case Management
Constituent Relationship 
Church Management 
Donor Management
Integrated Online Systems
Synagogue Management
Management Software

  Fundraising and Events
Event and Auction Management
Event Registration
Foundation Grant Research
Friend-to-Friend Fundraising
House Parties and Meet Ups
Online Auctions
Online Donations
One-Way Communication
Broadcast Email
Charts, Maps and Diagrams
Mobile Apps
Mobile Text Messaging
Mobile Websites
Niche Social Networking Sites
Online Advertising 
QR Codes
Search Engine Optimization 
Web Content Management 
Two-Way Communication
Email Discussion Lists
Custom Online Communities
Geo-Location Applications
Niche Social Networking Sites
Petitions and Pledges
Photo Sharing Websites
Social Content Websites
Video Sharing and Streaming
Choosing and Implementing 
Defining Your Software Needs
Creating a Software Shortlist
Evaluating Software
Comparing Open Source and 
Proprietary Software
Comparing Installed and Cloud 
Based Software
Choosing a Consultant
Evaluating Software Contracts
Migrating Data
Training and Supporting Staff
Caring for Your Data