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  • By Colin Pizarek and Ryan Dunlavey,
    August 2011
     What is a guerilla video? What does it take to make a video? This diagram will give you a crash course in film school, walking you through the steps to make your own video without breaking the bank.   Click here to view the diagram.
  • By Eric Leland and Kyle Henri Andrei,
    July 2011
    An association management system can be a huge help in tracking your members, newsletter subscriptions, special gifts, invitations to events and workshops, discounts on products and services, and more. We asked a number of different nonprofit experts about the systems that have worked for them.
  • By Laura S. Quinn and Kyle Andrei,
    July 2011
    These days, most event participants expect to be able to register for events online. Luckily, there are lots of tools to help with that, ranging from simple up to sophisticated and all the way to multi-functional. We asked a number of nonprofit technology professionals what online registration tools have worked for them.
  • By Laura S. Quinn and Kyle Henri Andrei,
    July 2011
    Petitions and pledges provide ways to effect change by letting people add their names to a particular cause to show the amount of support for it. They can also help your organization build a list of people interested in its causes. So how do you implement these measures?
  • By Laura S. Quinn and Jay Leslie,
    July 2011
    The Google Apps donation program provides organizational email, calendaring and document sharing as a free alternative to Microsoft Outlook. How do the two applications compare in the face of typical nonprofit needs?
  • By Laura S. Quinn and Kyle Henri Andrei,
    July 2011
    Planning a free event? It can be difficult to justify paying a lot of money for online registration software, but trying to get by with email or online invitation tools like Evite can leave you frustrated. Don’t worry—you have options. We talked to seven nonprofit technology experts about useful and affordable options for collecting RSVPs for free events.
  • By Laura S. Quinn,
    July 2011
    What tools can help you raise money and rally support for your cause through an online auction? We take a look at the software tools that are widely used in the nonprofit sector.     
  • June 2011
     Should your organization be using Facebook? Nonprofits are increasingly told that they “need to be on Facebook,” and countless gurus and experts offer them advice for maximizing their Facebook presence to get the most return. But are nonprofits actually seeing results, or is Facebook a bandwagon for nonprofits that’s not going anywhere?
  • By Chris Bernard, Senior Editor,
    June 2011
    This article appears in the current issue of the NTEN: Change Journal, available for free with registration. It's easy to get the impression that everyone is on Facebook these days, and maintaining a presence on the site is increasingly expected of organizations interested in engaging constituents. It seems like a logical assumption that Facebook should also be a good way to attract volunteers--but is that true?
  • May 2011
     Volunteer-based organizations have to keep track of a lot of data—for example, contact info, schedules, time sheets and job sites—and the right software can help, freeing time for managing volunteers. There are a number of products out there to help, but it’s surprisingly hard to find information about them.  This report is geared to remedy that!