A Consumers Guide to Constituent Relationship Management Systems for Public Media

For years, public broadcasting stations have used software to track and manage constituents. Like most other nonprofits, stations have need to be able to track all sorts of data points, including members, donors, and contributions; direct mail efforts and pledge drives; e-newsletters; the underwriting sales process; traffic management; finances; facility management; and volunteers. In the past, all this information would live in different systems. But now, a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) strategy supported by systems that can integrate this data can help the station recognize its most engaged supporters, target them in personalized ways, and find opportunities for growth it didn’t even know were there.
Still, most stations face the problem of siloed data systems. The largest stations have begun to transition to a more integrated approach, but a CRM strategy need not be prohibitively expensive—it’s within reach even for small and medium-sized stations. That's where we come in. This free report, funded by Greater Public (formerly DEI) and Integrated Media Association (iMA), and created by Idealware, provides an apples-to-apples comparison of nine CRM-styled systems that can meet the membership and fundraising needs of public media stations.
Idealware researched and wrote this report over the summer of 2013 for distribution to members of the Integrated Media Association. The funders, Greater Public (formerly DEI) and Integrated Media Assocation generously allowed us to share the report with our own audience after an agreed-upon period of time. Since 14 months have passed since the initial publication of this report, neither Idealware nor the funders can guarantee that the information it contains is up to date. However, we’re confident that it still provides tremendous value to the sector.
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